Fish-shaped cones are a lure at this new Chinatown ice cream shop

Go fish. And by that we mean get an ice cream at Taiyaki NYC, where soft-serve comes perched in a fish-shaped cone that’s made in-house and almost too cute to eat. Almost.

Taiyaki translates to “fried fish,” says Jimmy Chen, 22, one of the proprietors of the week-old shop. In Japan, traditional fish-shaped cakes and treats are filled with sweetened red-bean paste. “We used that as an inspiration here,” says Chen. They also gave the fish cones yaps like a largemouthed bass to better hold the frozen treat. (You can find these kinds of cones at Ice & Pan in Queens.)

Taiyaki NYC ice cream flavors include vanilla, chocolate, choco-vanilla, matcha, black sesame and matcha-sesame. You can add toppings such as sprinkles and mini m&m’s and drizzles like caramel sauce or condensed milk to make it more delicious. And Instagram-worthy. There’s a hashtag — #taiyakinyc — on the wall of the snug shop at 119 Baxter St.

Cones are molded and then fried. And then devoured.

Taiyaki cones start at $7. You can also get ice cream in a cup for $4. But doing that in this place just sounds sort of fishy.