This popular Japanese street food is about to take over your Instagram feed, with a twist


No, it does not taste like fish. Taiyaki, which literally translates to "baked sea bream" in Japanese, is a fish-shaped pastry traditionally filled with red bean paste. The owners at Taiyaki NYC decided to introduce this popular Asian street food to Manhattan, but not without a twist. 

It takes about six minutes to make a taiyaki ice cream. The eatery freshly bakes the fish-shaped cones, fills them with red bean paste or custard and tops them off with soft-serve.

Taiyaki NYC became the city's first taiyaki ice cream shop when it opened in September.

The ice cream flavors include matcha, black sesame, vanilla and chocolate.

 You also have the option to add mochi, cookies and syrup to top it all off. 

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