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Catering Inquiry

We'll bring Taiyaki NYC to your next birthday, corporate gathering, wedding, or event. We offer three preset packages and fully customized packages. Contact us today!

Preset  TAIYAKI ICE CREAM Packages:

Silver Package: Up to 50 servings
Gold Package: Up to 100 servings
Diamond Package: Up to 250 servings

- Includes transportation, service, cleaning
- Customized menu
- Ice cream flavors available: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, matcha, & black sesame
- Toppings available: rainbow sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles, cotton candy sprinkles, unicorn sprinkles, crushed oreos, graham crumbs, matcha powder, chocolate powder, mochi, unicorn horn/ear (extra)
- Drizzles available: chocolate, caramel, strawberry and condensed milk
- All packages are highly customizable 

Packages start at $650
Sourced Hard Serve available

Minimum ELECTRICAL & equipment Requirements

Soft Serve & Taiyaki Cones:
- 2 120V 20amp plugs from separate circuits
- 1 standard 120V 15amp plug
- 2 six-foot tables with >200lb weight capacity
Hard Serve:
- 2 standard 120V 15amp plugs
- 2 six-foot tables
Unicorn Floats:
- 3 standard 120V 15amp plugs
- 2 six-foot tables

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