Co-founders: Jimmy (left), Ricky (middle), and Tom (right)


Our mission is to unlock a magical exploration of the palette one Taiyaki NYC creation at a time.

Through the collaboration of our proud family of staff and diversity of customers, we accomplish our mission by:

  • Always holding ourselves accountable to the highest standards of quality for each and every creation we make.

  • Accentuating the cultural significance of the meaning of "taiyaki" in Japanese culture.

  • Challenging ourselves to continually balance innovation and tradition in our Asian-inspired creations.

  • Telling our story through a myriad of channels to continually meet the demands of curiosity generated by our customers' palettes, and wandering eyes.

about the owners

Our story begins with part faith, part love, and part luck. With members from numerous Far East cities like Guangzhou, Taiwan, Mandalay, Haiphong, and Tokyo, only faith could have brought the family at Taiyaki NYC together to the city that never sleeps. While growing up as first/second-generation Asian Americans in New York, the Taiyaki NYC family had one love in common—embracing our heritage and identity through our love for travel and food. After many trips and adventures to the food “meccas” of the world—the streets of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Korea, and Japan (and with a hint of luck)—we stumbled upon an idea that speaks the global dessert language of ice cream and waffles! With those three perfect ingredients—faith, love, and luck—Taiyaki NYC was born.

At Taiyaki NYC, we work hard as a family to focus on quality and consistency in the products we provide to our community. Our ice cream and taiyaki waffles are made from the highest quality ingredients from socially responsible vendors and distributors. Our taiyaki waffles are made fresh on-site, and our soft serve ice cream is produced and churned in small batches to preserve the true integrity of how a real soft serve should taste. We strive to keep our customers happy and satisfied while leaving a minimal footprint on our planet.

Taiyaki NYC® is a registered trademark by Daruma Hospitality Group.


Elena (left) and Karen (right) enjoying some Taiyaki Ice Cream pre-opening.